A digital awarness campaign that stimulates citizens to look from a different point of view the Turin’s transformations.

#vistadaqui is a transmedia campaign that stimulates citizens to look from a different point of view Turin’s transformations: users can navigate a 360° images and discover Compagnia’s projects; moreover, thanks to a photo contest, they can share their personal view of the city. The aim of the communication campaign is to tell the stories that come from the Foundation’s projects.

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In Compagnia San Paolo's website the users can navigate a 360° photo of the city of Turin taken from the Mole Antonelliana and analyze Compagnia's interventions . The website is integrated in the renewal process of communication of Compagnia, that wants to offer a space to the stories creating the city's social fabric.

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Compagnia di San Paolo asked citizens to immortalize their Turin's vision through a snapshot and a brief caption. The outcome is a city's report made by the people who live it every day. 700 people published 1400 photos with the hashtag #vistadaqui on the website and on social networks.

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The launch and closing events are two moments when Compagnia San Paolo opens the dialogue with citizens and makes them protagonists of the city change's story.

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