Cake design lab

Type: Architecture

Client: Private

Date: 2013

A place for the preparation of sweet and savoury foods welcomes its customers, from the breakfast time to the afternoon break or even, for cooking classes.

Located in Turin, in the neighbourhood of Barriera di Milano, in a sidestreet surrounded by early 20th century industrial buildings and recent residential, commercial and cultural settlements.



The flag-shaped signs invite you to get closer. Shop windows are characterised by delicate graphic drawings portraying, among others, the ingredients and kitchen tools that can be also found in a bigger scale, on the walls or framed on small and precious coloured papers.

The main concept is inspired by a blend of traditional and contemporary elements, thanks to the use of custom made and vintage furnitures.

The magenta colour in the nuances of soft red fruits marks out some of the walls in the room and entirely enshrouds the little house volume where the customers’ washrooms are located in.


The custom made counter is made of different kinds of wood. As low as a kitchen table, in order to avoid barriers, it displays products and encourages conversation and gathering.

Existing brick vaults have been preserved and enhanced by white linear suspended elements arranging the lamps made of the same aluminium moulds used for cakes and puddings, lightening up tables and colourful and contemporary chairs.

Type: Architecture

Client: Private

Date: 2013

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