TOP-IX rebranding to communicate complex services

Analysis and strategy through a participatory design workshop

TOP-IX is a non-profit consortium that has managed an Internet Exchange (IX) since 2002 for the exchange of Internet traffic in the North-West of Italy. It is active in different fields like network infrastructure management, the Development Program (to support technology innovation projects) and a Streaming platform, and in the last years also Clouds and Open Data.

Quattolinee and TOP-IX started a shared path to review the brand aiming at a new positioning, renewing the strategy and the communication message. One of the step has been rethinking the visual identity togetherĀ and the integrated communication strategy to strengthen the brand with visual communication.

vecchio e nuovo logo di top-ix

Maps, collages and post-its / Workshop and analysis

Quattrolinee has set up a brand envisioning workshop aiming at identifying the communication needs and the new brand values thanks to structured activities based on a system design methodology, such as relationship maps and value cards.

Criticalities have arisen when talking about the service complexity. The goal was to create a clear communication without simplifying the offer and the activities.

From values to the identity / Rebranding

The logo is the graphic visualization of the connection between two parts, referring to infrastructure and wiring and what creates connections between structures, people and ideas. The words are kept together with a dash that becomes a pictogram in the identity declinations.

Chromatically, the identity uses the same tones of black and red of the previous one, adding a gradient to make the transitions smoother and the image more contemporary.

A touch of geometry / Typeface choice

The selected font is Gilroy, a modern sans serif with a geometrical touch. The typography has been edited to compact and balance the lettering while making the logo easily readable and distinctive.

Keywords: knowledge, collaboration, growth, professionalism, unconventionality, creativity

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