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Integration between softwares and automation in clients’ data management

Type: Technology

For a financial corporation owned by a banking group that offers consumer credit, we developed an automated software capable of managing safely their clients’ data. The collaboration started from the need of creating an innovative management system for the administrative practices related to credit loans.

The challenge was to build a solution to integrate and communicate to softwares without API, already in use by the client, through browser automation.

Safe profiling / Landing pages and data transfers

We developed a system of web pages that works as the landing of marketing campaigns promoting specific products. The landing pages profiles and transfer clients’ data to the management software by filling automatically the required fields without the help of a physical person. Thanks to this process, data are transferred safely and rapidly.

The system is capable of giving a fast and instant answer regarding the accuracy of data, making the practices validation easier without the involvement of the Sales officers.

Support to the Sales force / Managing practices with browser automation

Thanks to the system improvement, the Sales force can manage relationships through an agenda developed to communicate to clients and call centers, using a custom CRM system.

The custom CRM has been developed to automate the contact activities towards clients through emails, text messages and phone calls.

Regarding the granting of loans for e-commerce purchases, the browser automation system profiles the applicant users at first and it gives a prior-approval for the loans, making the practices validation faster and automated.

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