Digital transformation for the startup Scloby

Type: Design&Strategy,Technology

Client: Scloby

Scloby is a startup born in 2013 aiming at supporting merchants and restaurant owners in the competitive e-commerce market. Today Scloby is the first and only Italian company which has developed a cloud platform that software developers could customize. It allows merchants to manage daily operations, such as receipts and invoice issuing and stock management, while collecting useful data to improve sale strategies and to accurately profile clients.

We developed Scloby’s brand identity in order to highlight which business categories could use the smart cash register. We choose to add yellow and purple alongside the two identity colours, blue and green, to represent the four business typologies.

Brand / Analysis and research

Designing the website, we worked on the user experience and the user interface to see which are the possible user paths.
First of all, we focused on identifying which objects best represent the four business categories: we interviewed few merchants searching for the most representative objects for each business.

The goal was to ensure the immediate understanding of the categories with common use objects.

Brand / Definition of UX and UI

Based on the results, we built the renders that helps the user identifying his business on the website.
The same process was used to verify the website navigability and usability through a user test to verify the usability of the website sections.

It was run involving business owners who already used Scloby and merchants who didn’t know the startup at all, analysing two possible path on the website.

Website / Users

Scloby’s website has three different visitors: the merchants who already use the platform, the partners from the platform integrations and the people that don’t know the product yet.
The website is structured in order to allow merchants to easily access to all Scloby features.

Twenty-one landing pages were created, one for each business category, to customize the user experience as much as possible.

Website / Structure

The home page helps the visitor to intuitively understand what Scloby is and what it can offer to different businesses thanks to coloured boxes linked to the landing pages.


The blog gathers the case studies on the businesses that were satisfied by Scloby and it keeps readers updated on events and the platform’s updates.

Scroll SitoWeb

Social media / Strategy

The social media strategy was built from the analysis of the buyer personas. Based on the website users, we chose the right tone of voice and the right contents to keep the visitors updated on Scloby. At the same time, we decided to use the same brand visual elements on different communication channels with the goal of highlight the visual identity.

The main channels used by Scloby are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. The blogposts were also published on social media.

Social media / Page management

Scloby’s Instagram profile is designed as a landing page that explains all the platform features for each business category. The brand identity stands out, using the colour palettes of the website and graphic elements that enrich the message.

The Facebook page uses the same colours of the brand identity and explains what the service is offering. All the blogposts are shared on the page and the updates on partnerships, events and new features are posted to inform the users.

The blog tells in depth Scloby’s activities, events and the app updates and it gathers the case studies, as an interview, on the businesses that use Scloby.

Type: Design&Strategy,Technology

Client: Scloby

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