Communication strategies for a crowdfunding campaign

For a non-profit entity, raising funds is an important activity to assure the economical sustainability for the projects. Unlike fundraising that is part of the strategic planning, crowdfunding aims at actively engaging the community thanks to dedicated platforms.

In 2018 the Compagnia di San Paolo launched an experiment on crowdfunding to evaluate the strengths of this alternative fundraising strategy for ten organisations in Piedmont, Aosta Valley and Liguria. Quattrolinee participated as a communication support for three of the entities involved.

Towards capacity building

The experimentation has been created to generate a multiplying effect from the support of Compagnia di San Paolo to the organisations involved, not just by providing funds but offering them a capacity building course. The ten entities have been sustained in three different ways: a basic support for everyone, an economical support with matching funds for three of them and a communication support for another three.

We have created a support course to help the Fondazione Comunitaria Valle d’Aosta, the Filatoio Rosso in Caraglio and the Associazione Allievi Collegio Carlo Alberto in the definition of a communication strategy.

Training course

We have built a training course for the three organization divided by topics: target analysis, communication strategies and channels, event communication and data analysis, aiming at giving them the needed skills to communicate the crowdfunding campaign and future projects.

The training focus has been digital means and the advantages of using digital tools like the analysis with Google Analytics and the social insights, also participating as lecturers in training events organised for all the ten entities as a basic support.

A report on crowdfunding

The most important goal has been understanding how the crowdfunding could be an useful tool for the projects the Compagnia di San Paolo usually supports. We have drawn up a report analysing the variables that influenced the campaigns result such as the community, the relations between online and offline activities and the engagement strategies.

The entities followed by Quattrolinee had a constant growth of the donations comparing to the other projects.

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