Casa Marchetti

The experience of ice cream in the new concept store

Type: Architecture

Client: Alberto Marchetti

Date: 2017

Casa Marchetti is an innovative space where a customer can go through an experience by immersing themself in a traditional ice cream parlour with a contemporary approach. By this premise Alberto Marchetti decides to open its Concept Store which will be the benchmark for the entire brand (to date, five stores have been opened). Casa Marchetti is a place where customers can enjoy ice cream, in a two floor unit distributed in retail and in story telling of what the ice cream is. On the first floor, the laboratory and the deposit are situated, both in view.

The first one is visible from the inside by a great glazed wall, while the second one is completely displayed on the street through a shop window. In the store, on the underground floor, there are corners dedicated to an accurate selection of all those high quality ingredients used to create Alberto’s ice creams. A way to tell the narrative of how the entire ice cream production chain works and allow people to learn thanks to a space designed for classes.


On CLN Square, in the 1975 some of the scenes of the famous movie Profondo Rosso were shot. A bar was built for that specific occasion, the Blue Bar (at a later time, once the shootings were over, it got demolished), located in the arcade in front of the design project. In order to create it, Dario Argento, took as inspiration the painting of Edward Hopper, called Nighthawks. Using these suggestions, we developed a sophisticated store, inspired by the beginning of the 1900s, when wood, brass and fine fabrics were used to embellish the ice cream parlours of Turin.

The reinterpretation of these elements set up a contemporary atmosphere, referred to the refined and exquisite ambient of the Thirties. The shades are the ones of sugar candy, chocolate and gold.

Interior design project

The protagonist of the place is a counter. Set frontally facing the clientele, it’s a strong furniture element, characterised by wooden and brass slats. The smoothened angles soften its presence in the space.  The wall in the background works as a scenery flat. The fabrics with geometric textures frame a great led wall and a glazed wall which overlooks to the in view laboratory.

The flooring in concrete with its pattern, reminds the pavement of the outside’s arcade in a way to offer a sense of continuity between inside and outside, the shop and the city.

Type: Architecture

Client: Alberto Marchetti

Date: 2017

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