Branding to communicate social impact: Fondazione Carlo Denegri

Visual identity and online positioning for a venture philanthropy Foundation.

In 2019 Fondazione Carlo Denegri evolves as an organisation operating in venture philanthropy and investing in projects that generates a strong social and environmental impact such as SocialFare, Orsolina 28 and PerMicro.

The definition of a new mission related to the realization of impacting initiative that made the creation of a new visual identity necessary to create a brand recognizable storytelling.


Communicating the mission / Defining brand values and needs

A workshop involving quattrolinee’s team and part of the Foundation’s team, including the communication manager, was the first step to define how to build the visual identity.

Through collages, post-its and value cards, the activities led to the determination of the relationship map and the brand values, aiming at identifying internal and external communication needs.

Dynamism is the keyword / Developing the visual identity

Starting from the workshop results, quattrolinee identified the concepts to start developing the identity: dynamism, contamination and co-design through a compositive and inclusive logo.

To support a simple and modern typography, a dynamic composition was designed with full solid shapes that become the symbol of the dialogue and the contamination between different ideas and projects.

Animations and interactions / Creating the online positioning

The simple information architecture and the horizontal hierarchy create a showcase site that tells the brand activities in the section Journal.

The visual identity shapes become animated elements in the pages and in the transitions to make the text and the images interact adding dynamism to the website.

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