Bitboss: sprint your development

Bitboss is an innovative startup incubated at I3P, the Incubator of Politecnico of Turin. It develops digital products based on technology, creativity and innovation. Thanks to the use of the software Agile it is possible to control step by step the development of the project with the client. Bitboss it’s different from any other competitor because of its strong creative personality and fresh and provocative tone of voice, while being at the same time customer friendly in order to understand and guide through the process.

We developed a new visual identity to represent Bitboss and its core business in order to allow it to be identified as a software house. Therefore We completely changed the concept behind the brand and we chose a new colour palette that calls in mind the technology world.



The concept gathers and summarises the three elements which represent the most coding and user experience in a website: speed, direction and movement. The Arrow is the symbol we have chosen to represent these three elements because it has the power to suggest to users the direction to take in the same way Bitboss does with his customers in guiding through all the products’ phases of development.

Typography and animated arrows highlight the concept of movement and become the main element of the brand in every kind of content, from flyers and business cards to Instagram and other social media posts.

Tone of voice

As the visual identity matters to guide the user inside of the website, The tone of voice has to assist in the research. For this kind of communication, words must be simple and clear in order to be understandable from every possible client.

For this specific reason the language of communication we used has a strong impact because it’s pop and young thanks to the use of a copy which elevates and highlights all the digital and printed devices.

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