Alma Latina

When flavors, shapes, and colors create a new brand

Type: Architecture

Client: Las Rosas

Date: 2013

Balance and vivacity, modern and tradition come together, in true Latin spirit, to design the visual identity of the restaurant in Turin.

In collaboration with MG2architetture, and inspired by  the shapes, colors and images of Latin America, comes a brand characterized by contrasts of color, material and shape.


Inspired in shapes, colours and concepts of the old and new Latin American style, it was the product of a countdown work. mg2 architetture in collaboration with quattrolinee created an urban Latin American atmosphere by using the representative materials and graphics of the South America’s cities in a smart way.

The corrugated metal normally used in the slums and in the street art that is growing nowadays, together with the neutral colors of the restaurant, generated an unique composition that identifies Alma Latina as one of the kind.


Customers walk into an open space with an industrial steel bar counter in the middle also defined by the reused sphere lamps. The suspended wooden circles with packaging symbols give personality to the place while new light bulbs attached to black cables dangle from the ceiling.

In the other two spaces the corrugated metal were used as vertical surfaces for Latin American’s collages and stencils creating a new Tapas corner. A strong concept, an accurate materials choice and a close relation between architecture and graphic design created an easy-going atmosphere perfect to allow the food speaks for itself.

Type: Architecture

Client: Las Rosas

Date: 2013

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