Robo & Bobo

Colorful robots that encourages teen and preteen patients of the pediatric hospital to play with technologies.

Robo&Bobo promotes literacy in the fields of design, electronics and programming, by implementing a series of workshops for teen and preteen (ages 11-­18) patients of the Pediatric Onco-hematology department and Transplant Center of Regina Margherita Hospital, in Turin. The communication strategy developed by Quattrolinee (branding, web, social) introduces the workshops in a playful way: each lab is represented by a colorful robot that encourages kids to play with technologies.

roboandbobo apron
roboandbobo activities flyers
roboandbobo flyers detail
roboandbobo pins
roboandbobo 3Dprinting flyer and pins
roboandbobo gadgets
roboandbobo elements
roboandbobo robots
roboandbobo card blocks coding
roboandbobo coding flyer
roboandbobo block coding flyer open
roboandbobo pins and flyers
roboandbobo interactive origami