Polo del ‘900

‘900 never been so dynamic

Type: Design&Strategy,Technology

Client: Polo del '900

Polo is a dynamic space of over 8.000 meters that hosts over 300 events a year. You can find debates, exhibitions and workshops where the ‘900 century has never been so contemporary.

The challenge was to turn a showcase website into a more interactive and user centered experience.

900 ways to browse

The menu has a unique navigation structure compared to typical websites. With different ways to browse from page to page responds to a target of a variety of users.

You can find relevant content using the search box, also the chatbot which is based on user searches, profiles the user and suggests contents.

Development and user test

The website has been released gradually with a process that follows specifics steps: development – testing – implementation – user test and monitoring.

The backend can be easily edited and updated from the client. During the user test quattrolinee has constantly brought changes based on users needs.

Reading made accessible

Polo and Quattrolinee share the aim to make websites accessible to everybody. For that reason we used the Easy Reading font that helps dyslexic people to read.


The font can be switched and edited through dedicated buttons.

Type: Design&Strategy,Technology

Client: Polo del '900

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