Graphic Days Torino 2019: communication for the festival

For the fourth year Quattrolinee curated the visual identity and the communication strategy for the visual design festival

Graphic Days Torino is the four-day international festival dedicated to visual design which takes place annually at Toolbox Coworking. Born in 2016, the event aims to spread the cultural value of visual communication providing new design inspiration and contributing to create an exchange environment through workshops, exhibitions, conferences, performances and a market fair.

The event intends to shorten distance between students and professional designers, bringing in Turin the most interesting artists in today’s visual communication international scene.

We mix design and people / Concept

The fourth edition of Graphic Days Torino is focusing on the connection between visual design and social engagement. This year, indeed, the Organization has decided to work on the theme of integration.

We involved several foreign communities around the city and other realities related to our network.

The aim is to realize projects focused on visual communication and cultural identities, in order to enhance different nations’ excellences. The result is to create a multicultural path showing different levels of contamination between cultures, perceptions, capacities and abilities.

We mix Posters and Spritz / Offline Strategy

Graphic Days Torino – In the city is the multi-curatorial program that precedes the festival by involving the whole city through a rich widespread event calendar.

This year, the In the city’s events took place in 6 different city neighbourhoods for as many evenings dedicated to visual art.

Players coming from the artistic-cultural local scene collaborated with the festival in order to organize exhibitions, performances, talks, workshops inviting the all city to explore visual communication.

We mix Lorem Ipsum and Clubbing / Website

The architecture of Graphic Days’ website shows a multi-level information system. The first level of the hierarchical structure is made of seven sections representing the five festival main contents (workshops, conferences, exhibitions, performances and market fair), plus one guest list and the Graphic Days Torino – In the City’s program section.

We mix Instagram and Grandma / Social Strategy

Social media are one of the main Graphic Days communication channels. Indeed, through digital communication, it is possible to daily update the audience and make it interact.

Graphic Days’ tone of voice is informal and colloquial, sometimes irreverent, always conceived to talk to the audience – mostly under 35 – who follows the festival on social media.

Facebook is the place where all updates are posted. The visual identity is evident in all the shared visual contents in order to allow users to recognize every post at first glance.

Instagram has a different scheduling. The feed composition expresses the fundamental elements of the visual identity, using shapes and colors that can be found on all digital devices.

Twitter is the channel that allows to get in touch with the international guests. The communication is exclusively in English and the shared contents follows the same Facebook scheduling.

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