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Fondazione Circolo dei Lettori was born in Turin aiming at producing and spreading culture by offering a large number of meetings with the public and organising annual festivals.

The work begins from the demand of the Foundation to have a brand new website to communicate its identity and to highlight the relation with its many projects: Circolo dei Lettori Torino and Circolo dei Lettori Novara and the three festivals Scarabocchi, Torino Spiritualità e Festival del Classico.

Context analysis

Thinking of the brand new website structure of Fondazione Circolo dei Lettori pointed out the necessity to rinnovate the projects’ websites too. The web design focused on the Foundation’s website as the digital space in which it’s possible to offer an overall view on the activities and to aggregate contents from the other five websites.

Circolo dei Lettori Torino and Circolo dei Lettori Novara (the latter didn’t have its own website) share the same purpose, that includes the promotion of their services and events during the whole year. The three festivals are instead annual reviews sharing the same need to communicate different programs and activities every year.

Defining needs and the information architecture

The constant collaboration with the Foundation’s Communication Office allowed us to highlight the needs of different users to improve the navigation experience and the research of information on the website. It was also possible to identify the needs of the editorial team in order to make the content management easier for those who interface with the websites’ back-ends.

Starting from this process, redefining the six websites’ contents became necessary so that they could dynamically interact between each other. Therefore Quattrolinee redesigned the information architecture of each website to meet the needs revealed during the collaboration.

E-commerce and membership management

The websites system’s design of Fondazione Circolo dei Lettori included the creation of an e-commerce for buying branded gadgets and the three different membership cards.

From the user point of view, the platform reduces time and distance to buy the products, while the Foundation can easily manage memberships by selling the cards online.

Interaction and coordinated layouts

Beyond content interaction, that is possible thanks to a RSS format, developing a coordinated layout was essential to make the relation between the websites more recognizable. Each website is developed on a same layout that adapts to its architecture and contents but personalized with its visual identity, that remained the same as before.

Each website was designed to be responsive, to make the navigation on mobile devices easier, with a programmed and gradual release.

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