BottomUp!: the new Torino Festival of Architecture

A brand new identity for the new festival in the city

Bottom Up! is the new Torino Festival of Architecture created by the Society of Architects and the Fondazione per l’Architettura / Torino. The goal is to spread knowledge about contemporary architecture and encourage practices of urban transformation with a bottom-up approach, collecting idea from the city community and private and public organisations.

Maurizio Cilli and Stefano Mirti, curators of the festival, worked with us to create the brand identity of BottomUp! with the collaboration of the illustrator Victoria Semykina.



We developed the concept taking inspiration from people that live the city living in every space.

The visual identity wants to celebrate people in all urban contexts referring to architecture in a very natural way and asking a simple question: what would architecture be without people giving life to places?



We have mixed a very institutional typography and the naïf illustrations of Victoria Semykina to design the visual identity. The illustrations, made of just two colors, represents people who live in the city, like chatting ladies or a man walking with his dog.

The simple lines make the language accessible to everybody maintaining at the same time a rigorous creative study of forms and subjects.


Color Palette

The selected colours, red and blue, define the identity of illustrations and graphic design.

The association of these two complementary colors also makes the image recognizable, playing with the memory of the audience.


The simple layout helps the user to find any information on the website. In the homepage it is possible to quickly find all the insights.

In addition, the links to social media like Instagram and Facebook, allow to communicate the existence of other BottomUp! channels that are useful to create interaction and engagement between the festival and users.







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