Quattrolinee is a graphic design agency focused on identity creation and brand development.

We help startups, companies and public authorities to develop new relationships with people.

We believe in culture, research, experimentation and technology as tools to develop new strategies able to respond to our client needs.




We follow companies and public authorities in their process of growth, we help them building new communication strategies from the creation of the brand identity to the actual use in different media, producing a strong and compelling experience.


We build the identity of the brand. We translate client message in meaningful and consistent design that helps establishing a strong presence in the market.

Concept development, Design strategy, Visual Identity systems, Brand Guidelines, Art Direction.

User Experience

We deliver the identity of the brand on different media to build a strong experience that will involve the audience.

Stationery, Packaging, Editorial design, Environmental design, Production management.


We understand the audience, we create content able to engage people around the brand.

Web design, Sviluppo Web, User experience, E-commerce, Mobile e Responsivo, Applicazioni, Video.


We work with both: new companies, who are building their identity and known brands and institutions that want to renew their image and create a different approach with the audience. We build together innovative strategic projects that affirm the relationship between brand and people.


At quattrolinee the innovation starts from technology and culture. Technology allows to build new ways to communicate with people and culture to fill them with content and emotions. To feed our research in technology and culture we built a network. Quattrolinee is an active member of the cultural association Plug Creativity that supports Print Club Torino a laboratory that experiments in print techniques and graphic design. From this three cultural entities has been created Torino Graphic Days an international visual design festival.
We realize innovative projects that integrate multidisciplinary skills, we developed a network of dynamic expertise based on client needs. This network is fed by the teaching activity of part of the quattrolinee’s team in two universities in Turin.

Politecnico di Torino

quattrolinee’s business partners teach graphic communication at Politecnico di Torino. Teaching as a tool of awareness in design of communication.

Print Club Torino

quattrolinee in collaboration with Plug and Try Again Lab have founded the print and experimentation lab Print Club Torino.

Graphic Days

quattrolinee is one of the creators of Torino Graphic Days, an international festival of visual design.

Plug Creativity

Cultural association based in Turin. Quattrolinee as an active member of the association supports Plug Creativity by keeping communication of its projects consistent.

Mg2 architetture

Architecture studio based in Turin. A collaboration that provides a multidisciplinary vision of the projects. The architecture meets graphic design merging skills together.


We were born as a company in 2012 within the Design and Communication Class of the Politecnico di Torino from a meeting of a group of designer who experiment in different fields as graphics, architecture and system design.
To date, the team is made up of heterogeneous professionals from different fields (User Experience, Communication, Software Development), who share the mission of delivering innovative and high-quality visual projects.

Fabio Guida

Co-founder & Partner

Giuseppe Tuttobene

Co-founder & Partner

Alessia Agostini

Graphic Designer

Matteo Marcato

Interaction Designer

Agnese Vellar

PR & Communication Manager

Flavio N Quercia

Backend Developer

Dario F Genoese

Frontend Developer

Jacopo Boggione

Graphic Designer

Paola Panza

Graphic Designer

Giuseppe Fierro

Graphic Designer


Quattrolinee says thanks to all people that have worked with us.

Alessandro Calogero Voto / Marco Catanese / Marco Condello / Dajana Stano / Eleonora Giugno / Alessandro Guaschino / Christel Martinod / Stefano Druetta / Marco Rossetti / Christian Rubini / Rocco Barbaro / Davide Mugnieco / Andrea Tangolo / Fabio Servolo / Fabrizio Soldano / Greta Costarelli / Gloricristin Milidoni / Ilaria Ruggeri / Davide Eucalipto / Simona Brocato / Elisa Cusimano / Cinzia Bongino / Gabriele Guareschi / Elisa Zorzan / Isabela Freire / Elisa Lacicerchia / Luisa Campos / Gabriele Falcone / Carlotta Zampolini